The Best Probiotic Supplements

Our Research Team Tested Dozens Of Probiotics To Determine Which One Is The Most Effective For You.

By Ed O’Keefe

If you are looking for the most effective probiotic supplement available, then you have come to the right place.

As you probably know, probiotics are essential for maintaining your digestive health, immune system function and energy levels. They also help combat unexplained weight gain, bloating, and yeast problems. In fact, John Hopkins, Yale and Harvard doctors recommend probiotics for your health.

However, not all probiotics are equal.

In fact, some may be practically useless because:

  • They do not contain the right amount of Colony-Forming-Units (CFUs) to benefit your health.
  • They may use poor quality probiotic cultures that are ineffective or could potentially damage your health by causing histamine buildup.
  • They may have poor delivery systems that dissolve in stomach acid. This means the probiotic will not reach the colon where it can do the most good.

Our Scientific Method

We scientifically tested a variety of probiotic supplements. We wanted to uncover which products work, and which products are a waste of time and money. For each product, we evaluated the following factors:

1. Ingredients

A quality probiotic supplement must have the correct number bacterial strains. Our researchers found there are typically 7 ‘good’ strains of probiotic bacteria. Most probiotics only contains one or two. Some contain dangerous strains that can cause nasty side effects.

2. Colony Forming Units (CFUs)

Colony Forming Units indicate a probiotic’s potency. The more CFUs a probiotic has, the more it will benefit your health. Typical probiotics have approx. one billion CFUs.

3. Delivery System

When you swallow a probiotic supplement, the corrosive acid in your stomach begins to dissolve the capsule.

As the capsule disintegrates, it exposes the live cultures inside to the harsh stomach environment. Studies show this can destroy as many as 80% of the probiotics before they reach the colon where they do the most good.

Our researchers looked at the product’s delivery system in detail during their studies.

4. Independent Testing

Any company can make health claims about their product. Independent testing ensures these claims are accurate. That’s why we only recommend products that have undergone rigorous third-party testing.

5. Company Reputation

We also checked whether the manufacturer of the supplement is reputable. We only recommend products by established companies, with thousands of happy customers.


The Results

As predicted, several products received very high ratings. Others fared poorly. At the end of the research, they were only a few stand-out products.

Our tests indicate, these products are the most effective. They also contain the right doses of probiotics to support a healthy digestive system, immune function, and energy levels.

However, at the end of the day, there was only one clear winner…

The Winner

Our favorite probiotic supplement was Essential Flora 7.

Essential Flora 7 contains 6 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), 7 superior bacteria strains, and a patented time-release delivery system that provides all-day relief from digestive and immune problems.

You can read detailed reviews below.

If you have feedback on these products, or any other probiotic products, then please contact us using the link on this site. We would love to share your thoughts with other consumers.

We hope you find our research will help you find the right probiotic for your needs.

Name: Marine Essentials


#1 Top Choice: Essential Flora 7

Advanced Probiotic Formula With Revolutionary Bio-Tract Delivery System

Essential Flora  was our top choice for a number of reasons.

First, Essential Flora 7 contains 6 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). Many leading brands contain less than 1 billion CFUs. That means you would normally need up to six capsules to get the same POWER of ONE Essential Flora 7 caplet.

Second, this remarkable formula also contains 7 superior bacteria strains. Most probiotics contain only one or two strains. That means it is up to 7 times more effective at combating health issues.

Finally, unlike many probiotics on the market, Essential Flora 7 actively protects the live bacteria cultures from harsh stomach acid, delivers them to your colon and provides time-released delivery for all-day relief.

It is also important to note that independent, third-party testers have analyzed Essential Flora 7. This reassures us that Essential Flora 7 contains the probiotics listed on the label.

We believe that for your health and wellbeing, there is no other product that comes close to Essential Flora 7. That’s why we recommend it if you are ready to start taking a high-quality probiotic.

Unfortunately, Essential Flora 7 is not available in stores. The only way to get it is to order directly from the company website. (The link is below.)

If you choose Essential Flora 7, please let us know how this product works for you. We need your feedback to keep our reviews up-to-date and accurate.


Our No. 2 Product: NOW Foods Probiotic-10, 25 Billion

This product is a fantastic quality probiotic. It contains 10 different probiotic cultures and a large number of Colony Forming Units.

Unfortunately, one of the bacterial strains in this probiotic is Lactobacillus Casei. Scientific studies show this bacterial strain can trigger a plague of symptoms like fatigue, headaches and digestive distress in many people.

That is why, while this is still a good probiotic supplement, we simply cannot justify ranking it any higher than #2.


Our No. 3 choice is Bio-Kult Probiotic.

While this product still offers many of the benefits of a good quality probiotic supplement, we simply cannot recommend it above our two leaders.

That is because although this product contains 14 strains of beneficial bacteria, our experts could not confirm whether the delivery system will transport these bacteria through harsh stomach acid.

That means, even though there are a lot of bacteria, they may never reach your colon where they can benefit you the most.

That is why it is our third choice.