Marine Essentials Body Ready Omega Review

High Quality DHA With NO Fish Burps



High Levels of DHA Omega-3: Body Ready Omega contains a jaw dropping eight times more DHA Omega 3 than typical fish oil supplements. That means every dose of Body Ready Omega offers more support for your heart, brain, and joint health.

Independent Testing: Independent third-party scientists have rigorously analyzed Body Ready Omega for safety, purity, and potency. This ensures every dose gives your body the right amount of Omega 3 it needs.

First Class Customer Support: The US-based company that sells Body Ready Omega offers first-class customer service. Our researchers found that the friendly customer service professionals answered their questions knowledgeably and quickly. Body Ready Omega also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Limited Availability: Body Ready Omega is a very popular supplement. That means there is potential for supply shortages because of the high demand.

No Retail Availability: Body Ready Omega is only available on the company’s website. You will not find it in retail stores.


The key ingredient in Body Ready Omega is Calamarine.

Calamarine is an extract from wild, deep-sea squid from the pure, clean waters off South America.

It is the most stable, sustainable source of Omega-3 oil on earth. In fact, it is twice as stable as popular Omega-3 from tuna. It has even won the coveted Friends of the Sea Certification!

This amazing nutrient contains no harmful metals or other toxins. It does not go rancid like fish oil, and it does not cause ‘fish burps’ because it contains no fish.

In addition, Calamarine gives you eight times more DHA than fish oil. Research shows that DHA helps support healthy blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart problems, and relieve aching joints. It also protects vision, fights age-related mental decline, and promotes overall well being.


Our researchers found taking Body Ready Omega just once a day offers significant health benefits: Studies suggest it helps…

  • Strengthen immunity
  • Support heart health
  • Protect delicate eyesight
  • Uplifting your mood
  • Improve memory
  • Strengthen joints and bones
  • Maintain cholesterol that is within the normal range

Look And Feel

Body Ready Omega comes in easy-to-swallow capsules. Even if you have problems taking pills, the silky smooth gel-coating means Body Ready Omega glides down easily with just one glass of water.


Body Ready Omega has no fishy aftertaste, and it will not cause ‘fish burps’ that is because this supplement is not made from fish.


Independent third-party testers have certified that Body Ready Omega is fresh and pure. This supplement is free from toxins and heavy metals, and the ingredients on the label are correct and accurate.


A one-month supply of Body Ready Omega is just $67 – less than the price of a cup of coffee every day.

However, if you order a 4-month supply, the price is $199.80, which works out as $49.95. That means you save $17.05 on every bottle.

This is fantastic when you consider the high quality and rarity of the ingredients in Body Ready Omega.

Additional Comments

Body Ready Omega customers receive excellent customer service. The friendly, US-based customer service team will answer your question or concerns very quickly.


As you can see, Body Ready Omega is one of the safest and most effective Omega 3 supplements available.

Research suggests it can help keep your heart, brain, and joints healthy. It can also protect your eyes, promote good circulation, and support overall wellbeing.

Unlike many fish oil products, Body Ready Omega will not give you the ‘fish burps’ or leave a fishy aftertaste.

If you are looking for a safe, pure, and potent Omega-3 supplement, then we highly recommend Body Ready Omega.

How Does Body Ready Omega Compare

Omega-3 Product Total Omega-3 DHA EPA NO Fish Oil Burps
Body Ready Omega 1000 mg 720 mg 280 mg YES
Nordic Naturals 1000 mg 220 mg 330 mg NO
Carlson Fish Oil 1600 mg 500 mg 800 mg NO
Dr. Sinatra Omega-Q 1250 mg 350 mg 150 mg YES
Dr. Mercola Krill Oil 140 mg 50 mg 90 mg NO

User Reviews

I am 83 years young and have had joint problems for nearly 50 years. Body Ready Omega has helped my knees so much.

- Barbara S, Georgia

I’m 92 years old, working on 93. With Body Ready Omega, I feel young and work out now 5 days a week.

I had some other products that I just threw away because Body Ready Omega works so great!

- Louise F.

If it wasn’t for Body Ready Omega, I wouldn’t be able to walk.

After just 1 month, I can sleep and walk and exist without the constant pain I had for a long time. Thanks to Body Ready Omega, I can manage so much better now.”

- Margaret R., Virginia

Body Ready Omega really helps me a lot with my blood pressure and heart worries.

I notice when I’m taking it I always get compliments on how young I look. I am 70 years old!

My joints feel really great too! In just a matter of 2 or 3 weeks, I started noticing a big difference. I can referee a basketball game, and keep up with these youngsters. That’s a blessing for me because I enjoy it.

- Will J, New Orleans

Marine Essentials Body Ready Omega FAQ's

Body Ready Omega

What makes Body Ready Omega better than other fish oil or krill oil supplements?

Body Ready Omega contains Calamarine. Calamarine is an extract from squid that live in the waters off the unpolluted coast of Norway.

Calamarine contains up to eight times more DHA Omega-3 than fish oil or krill oil. Research suggests DHA is the most effective Omega-3 for your heart, brain and joints.

In addition, Calamarine is not fish. That means it will not give you the ‘fish burps’ or leave a fishy aftertaste.

Are there any scientific studies of Body Ready Omega’s benefits?

Yes! Over 25 clinical studies suggest the DHA in Body Ready Omega can support healthy blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart problems, and relieve aching joints.

Research also suggests Body Ready Omega’s ingredients can reduce the risk of mental decline by up to 47%, lower risk of vision problems by up to 50%, and support overall well being.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects.

Have third-party researchers tested Body Ready Omega for safety, purity and quality?

Body Ready Omega has undergone extensive third party testing. These independent researchers award a Certificate of Analysis on every batch, which verifies potency, purity, and standardization.

In addition, the world’s leading research and supplement manufacturer, produce Body Ready Omega in their state-of-the-art facility in Norway. This ensures quality and uniformity

Does this product contain mercury or other toxins?

The manufacturer screens every capsule of Body Ready Omega for moisture, toxins, heavy metals, and other contaminants before it leaves the facility.

Is it safe to order Body Ready Omega online?

Yes. Our researchers found the company that sells Body Ready Omega values your privacy, protects your credit information, and offers a risk-free guarantee.

How do I take Body Ready Omega?

Take one gel cap a day, preferably with a meal.

Why should I choose Body Ready Omega?

First, Body Ready Omega contains up to eight times more DHA Omega-3’s than its competitors do.

According to recent scientific evidence, DHA is the Omega-3 that supports a healthy heart, brain, and joints. They also help protect vision, boost mental alertness, and combat brain aging.

Second, Body Ready Omega has no fishy aftertaste and does not cause ‘fish burps’.

The reason is that Body Ready Omega does not contain fish. Instead, it contains purified Omega-3 oil called Calamarine.

Thirdly, independent, third-party testers have certified Body Ready Omega as safe. This reassures us that Body Ready Omega is clean and healthy.

In summary, this supplement contains well-researched ingredients. Independent testers certify that it is safe, pure, and potent. Moreover, it has great US-based customer service and an ironclad guarantee.

Body Ready Omega is one of the few supplements that cover all the bases. That is why we recommend it so highly.

Reader’s Special

We want to hear your opinion on Body Ready Omega. That is why we have negotiated a special discount with the manufacturers.

If you want to protect your heart, brain and joints, and you are happy to give us your opinion of this supplement once you have tried it, then this offer applies to you.

This is a limited time offer and can only be given from this page.

(Limit 1 Pack per customer – please only order one of the 1, 2 or 4 pack from this page.)

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Body Ready Omega has one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. The company promises that if you do not feel more youth, more vitality, less pain after taking Body Ready Omega, you can simply return the unused portion for an immediate and complete refund.

Our researchers tested this guarantee. We had no problems getting a quick refund.