Why should I choose Essential Flora 7?

First, Essential Flora 7 contains up to 5 billion more CFUs than its competitors do. That means it offers more benefits in every dose.

Second, Essential Flora 7’s patented delivery system protects the live bacteria cultures from harsh stomach acid, delivers them to your colon and provides time-released delivery for all-day relief.

Third, Essential Flora 7 also contains up to 7 times more bacteria strains than many probiotics contain only one or two strains. That means it is more effective at combating health issues.

In summary, this supplement contains well-researched ingredients, a unique time-released delivery system, and superior bacterial strains. It also has great US-based customer service and an ironclad guarantee.

Essential Flora 7 is one of the few probiotics that cover all the bases. That is why we recommend it so highly.

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