The Best Omega-3 Supplements

Our Research Team Tested Dozens Of Omega-3 Supplements To Determine Which One Is The Most Effective For You.

By Ed O’Keefe

If you are looking for the purest, safest and most effective Omega-3 supplement available, then you have come to the right place.

As you probably know, Omega-3’s are essential nutrients for your heart, brain, and joints. They also help protect your vision, combat brain aging, and alleviate memory problems. In fact, Harvard experts have proclaimed they are essential nutrients for our health.

However, not all Omega-3 supplements are equal.

In fact, some may actually harm your health because mercury and other toxins have contaminated them. These poor quality supplements may also cause ‘fish burps’.

Our Scientific Method

We scientifically tested a variety of Omega-3 supplements. We wanted to uncover which products work, and which products could leave you sick and unwell. For each product, we evaluated the following factors:

1. Ingredients

A quality Omega-3 supplement must have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Quality supplements also cause no fishy aftertaste or ‘fish burps’.

2. Independent Testing

Any company can make health claims about their product. Independent testing ensures these claims are accurate. That’s why we only recommend products that have undergone rigorous third-party testing.

3. Company Reputation

We also checked whether the manufacturer of the supplement is reputable. We only recommend products by established companies, with thousands of happy customers.


The Results

As predicted, several products received very high ratings. Others fared poorly. At the end of the research, they were only a few stand-out products.

Our tests indicate, these products are all safe, pure and potent. They also contain the right doses of Omega-3 to protect your heart, brain, and joints.

However, at the end of the day, there was only one clear winner…

The Winner

Our favorite Omega-3 supplement was Body Ready Omega.

Our researchers found that this supplement does not cause fish burps, it has no fishy aftertaste, and it contains up to eight times more DHA Omega-3’s than other supplements on the market.

You can read detailed reviews below.

If you have feedback on these products, or any other Omega-3 products, then please contact us using the link on this site. We would love to share your thoughts with other consumers.

We hope you find our research will help you find the right Omega-3 for your needs.

Name: Marine Essentials


#1 Top Choice: Body Ready Omega

The purest, most potent Omega-3 that does not cause ‘fish burps’

Body Ready Omega was our top choice for a number of reasons.

First, Body Ready Omega contains up to eight times more DHA Omega-3’s than its competitors.

According to recent scientific evidence, DHA is the Omega-3 that supports a healthy heart, brain, and joints. They also help protect vision, boost mental alertness, and combat brain aging.

Second, Body Ready Omega has no fishy aftertaste and does not cause ‘fish burps’.

The reason is that Body Ready Omega does not contain fish. Instead, it contains a purified Omega-3 oil called Calamarine. The manufacturer extracts Calamarine from deep-sea squid in the clean waters off South America. That means it is pure and clean.

Finally, independent, third-party testers have certified Body Ready Omega as safe. This reassures us that Body Ready Omega is clean and healthy.

We believe that for your health and wellbeing, there is no other product that comes close to Body Ready Omega. That’s why we recommend it if you are ready to start taking a high-quality Omega-3.

Unfortunately, Body Ready Omega is not available in stores. The only way to get it is to order directly from the company website. (The link is below.)

If you choose Body Ready Omega, please let us know how this product works for you. We need your feedback to keep our reviews up-to-date and accurate.


Our No. 2 Product: Omega Mist

Omega Mist is a breakthrough Omega-3 spray that is absorbed up to 9 times faster than typical fish oil supplements.

This product is a good quality Omega-3. It does not have a fishy aftertaste. This is a good indicator you are getting pure Omega-3 without additives.

However, the Omega-3 fatty acids in this product come from fish oil. That means it is rich in EPA fatty acids, but is a poor source of DHA fatty acids. Studies suggest DHA is the most effective Omega-3 for your heart, brain and joints.

That is why, while this is still a good Omega-3 supplement, we simply cannot justify ranking it any higher than #2.


Our No. 3 Product: Liquid Omega

Liquid Omega is an Omega-3 product designed for people who do not like taking pills. It delivers Omega-3 fatty acids in a unique liquid form.

While this product still offers many of the benefits of a good quality Omega-3 supplement, we simply cannot recommend it above our two leaders.

That is because although this product is readily available, and contains a reasonable dose of Omega 3, it has two major flaws.

  • First, the Omega-3’s in this product are sourced from fish. That means, similar to product number 2, it does not contain the levels of DHA fatty acids your body needs.
  • Second, the liquid formulation means you need to store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. So you cannot bring it with you when you travel.
  • That is why it is our third choice.